Business case

With the very real possibility that the number of requests of authorisations is only going to increase, financial savings is high on everyone’s agenda.

Working closely with the collaborating organisations, it was agreed that on average, 4 people contribute towards the assessment process and each assessment takes around 8 hours to complete. Each deprivation of liberty consists of 2 assessments, costing £200 each.

Introducing CoLiberty to this process saves an estimated 2 hours per assessment. A conservative estimate of 25%. The model below shows an example business case based on 1,500 requests for authorisation per annum.

Number of requests for authorisation per Annum (based on national return)


Average number of people contributing to an assessment


Average length of time to complete an assessment (hours)


Number of assessments per dol


Costs per assessment


Current assessment costs for all dols


Coliberty – reduction in time to complete Y1


Saving using Coliberty currently


Y1 product license (based on 1,500 requests for authorisation)


Total saving using Coliberty currently


We want to see as many organisations as possible using CoLiberty and as such we have set up a referral reward scheme. The scheme offers discounts on your future subscription (up to 90%) for any other organisations that sign up to the product as a result of your recommendation.